About Us

Khatib Law APC - A Zealous Advocate for Employee Rights

Khatib Law raise the voices of silenced and victimized employees.

Our mission is to secure our clients’ rights and achieve a just resolution.

Your Rights Are Our Priority

A substantial power imbalance is deeply embedded in the employer-employee relationship. The federal and state legal framework established to protect employees and prevent employer abuses is an implicit recognition of this power imbalance. At Khatib Law APC, we believe that actively utilizing the applicable legal framework is necessary to broadly advance the cause of justice. We aggressively advocate on behalf of our clients and strive to empower them.

Put simply, our clients’ rights are our priority.

A Team of Professionals

Why us?

Khatib Law APC is a small law firm dedicated to securing the rights of employees. Mr. Khatib and Mr. Rojas will handle your case personally and litigate your case zealously. We will provide you a roadmap of what you can expect and advise you throughout the legal process.

No Fees Unless We Succeed

Our aggressive approach is meticulously designed to produce favorable results for our clients. That is why we are able to forego fees unless and until we win at trial or obtain a settlement.

If you have been discriminated/retaliated against, harassed, denied meal or rest periods or overtime pay - it’s time to consult with a trustworthy law firm.

If you are uncertain if you have viable legal claims, take advantage of a free consultation. Khatib Law will evaluate your case without charging you a single penny.