Disability Discrimination

We Keep You from Disability Discrimination

If you’re a person with disabilities we can help decrease the emotional stress your employer gives you at your workplace. This service extends to those too who are injured or have poor health conditions. There are federal and disability discrimination California laws that support employees from disability discrimination

So, if your medical condition limits your basic activities, enough that you cannot take care of yourself, you should be given accommodation too, per the disability discrimination California law. So if you’re unable to utilize any of your five senses; you can’t eat, digest, walk, work, or socialize, you come into the criteria of disability discrimination California law that protects you from disability discrimination.

Organic brain syndrome, emotional pain, development disorders, or learning disabilities are also targeted to discrimination. But with Khatib Law and the intimidation of our professional disability discrimination lawyers, you will not be victimized again. Rest assured, we rectify the situation by listening to your claim, fighting on your behalf, and holding your employer accountable.

What are Your Disability Labor Rights?

The California state and federal law promote employment actions and decisions to accept people with disabilities. As human rights include the ones with difficulties, they should be given employment just as those without difficulties. Surely, if they can perform the duty and are eligible, there should be no qualms to oppose the employment. Here are some of the rights disabled workers should get.

  • Approve to hire or employ the individual with a disability
  • Agree to select them for training that leads to employment
  • Not barring them from employment or training
  • Fair allotment of deserved compensation
  • Not discriminating against them following any term, privilege, or conditions of employment

In the event these rights are ignored or not given, Khatib Law strives to extend its humanitarian services to make sure you are not exploited or discriminated against.

Our Skilled Lawyers Contest to Protect Disabled Workers

When you do something unlawful, the law makes you pay for it. And the disability discrimination lawyer, who we present you with, ensures that such is the case. We leave nothing to fate or chance, we talk facts and with assurance because we have law and a bunch of experienced lawyers by our side.

So, contact Khatib Law to safeguard your rights and live without the added physical or mental strain of workplace discrimination. Don’t forget everyone is worthy of basic kindness, employment, and supporting themselves.