Sexual Harassment

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Offensive and unwanted conduct in the workplace may constitute harassment.

Employment harassment has grown to be found in quite a lot of workplaces today. It involves unwanted sexual advances, derogatory comments, threatening behavior, and other behaviors based on a person's gender or sexual orientation. Such actions can unreasonably interfere with an employee's performance by inducing a hostile, humiliating, or unsafe work atmosphere. As a result, employers should promote a secure workplace environment that is free of sexual advances, conduct, or requests.

Khatib Law firmly believes in gender equality and both sides being equally guilty and innocent to the assault. The harasser and the victim can be of the same or the opposite sex and anyone can be the victim of sexual harassment. The fact remains that no one should have to work in a place where they feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

For this reason, we provide you with the best employment harassment attorney to take up your case and see to your rightful consequence.

Examples of Sexual Harassment in Your Workplace

Sexual harassment is often swept under the rug and disregarded to be something normal. Let's move past the false belief and realize it to be what it is- sexual harassment. So if you're facing any of the later acts, let it come to our knowledge so we can create healthier and more secure work environments for you.

  • Touching or grabbing without consent
  • Staring/leering
  • Obscene sexual expressions or gestures
  • Whistling or cat calls
  • Sexual assault or attempted rape
  • Gender discrimination
  • Sexual innuendos or comments
  • Pestering to go out on dates and requests for sexual favors
  • Personal questioning over a worker’s private life or body
  • Unnecessary familiarity, like deliberately brushing up against a worker
  • Sexual teasing, insults, taunts, or inappropriate jokes
  • Sexually explicit pictures, emails, SMS text messages, or physical contact

If you have or are facing any such ill acts in your workplace, we have qualified and proficient harassment attorneys that can offer you a solution without having to quit.

Our Employment Harassment Attorney Fights for Your Rights

Khatib Law has combined experience dealing with sexual harassment cases, so if you are looking for someone to represent you, none could litigate your case better than us.

Our attorneys explore your case after a proper assessment of all aspects and prepare you for the next step. Whether it is your resignation, or a lawsuit against the misconduct, we are here for you. We also assist you in collecting the necessary evidence and conducting full investigations on your case. In addition, we identify the harassment patterns to reach a successful settlement and outcome.

We are just a call away to help you create a safe and secure workplace so you can keep working with peace and job security.