We Bring an End to Discrimination

Discrimination is a condemning behavior, indeed, as it is unchecked and widespread. Letting your prejudice show in your actions is discrimination. It is the ill-treatment of a certain group of people because of an unchangeable feature they possess. The features can be anything from their gender, race, sexual preference, religion, age, disability, to their ethnicity.

Sometimes people fight back. However, when it comes to unbalanced power, higher status, and financial position, people tend to hide behind their weaknesses. We help you counter your fears and undue influence with the law. In fact, we provide you with the highest grade discrimination lawyer to get you the upper hand over the tense situation.

More often than not, offices are the homes for this repulsive deed. Here, bosses and managers use their position wrongly to perform employment discrimination.

There are many faces of inequality in the workplace ranging from gender discrimination, sexual or disability harassment, wrongful termination, employer retaliation, denying rightful accommodation, to wage and hour violation.

Biases and prejudiced behavior are intolerable in any workplace. In fact, both federal and California anti-discrimination laws prohibit discrimination against employees. Because most employees are unaware of their rights, they continue to endure unfair conduct. So it is necessary for you to consult an employment discrimination attorney and get proper legal advocacy.

Whenever in California, a worker is wrongfully treated, Khatib Law feel responsible to take on the act of injustice. Indeed, we are the executioners of bias or critics of inequality in the workplace.

The Best Legal Partner and Representative for You

We at, Khatib Law, provide you the best-experienced discrimination lawyer for remarkable consultation and guidance. We lead and walk you through every step of legal proceedings, lawsuit filing, or any matter in regards to the law. Without a shadow of doubt, every employment discrimination attorney in our team is extremely qualified. Our adept law professionals have major expertise in this subject and work hard to turn all odds in your favor each time.

We fight with you till the end of injustice. If we can't get back to the mental state you once had, we can do the least to get the compensation you deserve. We also strive to hold the person, be it your boss, manager, employer, or coworker, accountable for their discriminating behavior against you.

If you’re not getting the promotion, or have gotten demoted or terminated by your employer, we help you challenge your employer’s misconduct. If you don’t get your rights, we get them for you with support and outcomes.

We Serve Justice

Khatib Law renders fruitful advocacy and fair rewards.

We take a sigh of relief only after you do. It is not until you and the employer, who has done you wrong, gets what he deserves. Our skilled team first negotiates with unaware employees to acknowledge their duties and perform them with utmost fairness. We enlighten you with your rights and push you to get them.

If by law, you are declared as a discrimination victim, your employer is entitled to give you the following reimbursements

  • Attorney fees
  • Backpay
  • Punitive damages to punish the employer for his misconduct
  • Litigation expenses
  • Compensation for emotional harm due to discrimination faced
  • Monetary amendment for wrongful termination, unequal pay, or promotion refusal
  • Rehiring, or allowance of salary if rehiring isn’t possible.

Years of Excellence

Khatib Law has comprehensive and longtime experience in this line of the field. Be it gender discrimination in the workplace or any unfair happening, we go till the end of the matter. Moreover, if a pre-suit settlement isn’t successful, our attorneys advocate to take it before a judge or jury.

We provide services to every employee and employer in the workplace. Our reach is boundless and our support unwavering. So if you're a man or woman, black, white, or belong from an uncommon ethnicity, we work for you relentlessly. Our extension of providing equity does not differentiate or hold any loopholes.

Fight Back Employment Discrimination

We focus mainly on claims of employment discrimination, harassment, employee retaliation, and wrongful termination. Khatib Law is a beacon for people who have been denied their wages, rest breaks, medical leaves, and a safe working environment. In fact, we do not take a break until you get the verdict and reward you rightfully deserve.

We do not exercise half-hearted servicing. Our aggressive legal assistance for your discrimination claim prioritizes your word at the top. We give attention to each intricate detail of your case without delegating the management of your case to subordinate attorneys. Indeed, our one-to-one close consultation educates, guides, and advises you during the whole legal process.

We are just a call away to show you the grass is greener on the other side, and you can see it with us. Take the leap of faith and show the employers, their reign of oppression is over. Say hello to the good days with us!