Employer Retaliation

Employer Retaliation No More

Suppose you find the courage to speak about your mistreatment and in turn, your employer retaliates against you. In that case, too, we can help you. Just remember, you're not alone.

So if it was either harassment, discrimination, workplace safety, or opposition to overworking that got you terminated, we can make things right. With our help, you no longer will be denied bonuses or promotions to face illegal retaliation. Our knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals is just a phone call away to consult with you and help you secure your rights.

Khatib Law offers free legal advice employee rights to have you enjoy free legal advice on your employment rights. It is not just consultation that we provide, but also a detailed roadmap to counter the retaliation. What’s more; we also provide you with an employer retaliation lawyer so you can oppose the violations upon you and experience impartiality.

We Stand By the Law

We abide by the California law that condemns it for employers to retaliate against employees. The state and federal laws safeguard employees from harassment and discrimination in the workplace. However, many employees in California are not aware of the diversity that takes employer retaliation under its umbrella too.

Under California law, an employer cannot penalize or punish its employees. On account that he does, he is bound to receive legal action. But for the purpose of rightful treatment, you must be aware of your labor rights. Not to worry though; Khatib Law helps you figure that too.

It is in our best interest to care of your fundamental rights and give you a safe environment to work in. So we work hard to give you the best advice and labor rights lawyer in our possible reach.

Recognize Employee Retaliation

Before we introduce you to our top employee rights attorney, we first welcome you to the knowledge of the employee retaliation dilemma.

  • Employee demotion
  • Employee termination
  • Pay or hour reduction
  • Denial of promotions
  • Exclusion
  • Bullying
  • Denial of benefits, regular wages, or overtime pay
  • Denial of employment
  • Blacklisting an employee
  • Employee intimidation and harassment from supervisors/management or co-employees
  • Denial of acknowledgment
  • Reassignment of duties/ task/ projects
  • Employment reassigning to a less desirable position/shift
  • Increment of workload with the same pay
  • Negative performance reviews despite your previous reviews being positive
  • Exclusion from attending meetings
  • Denial to access resources or training that help you maintain your productivity

So if you experience one of the prohibited retaliation practices mentioned we help entrust your case with an employer retaliation lawyer. Trust Khatib Law to handle your employment tribunal claim and serve you with a favorable outcome.

Our Policy of Zero Tolerance on Abuse in the Workplace

We can be your first and last resort. Upon our free legal advice on employee rights, you will understand the right course of action to take.

First, you will have to speak to your company’s HR professionals. The HR manager or assistant has the topmost responsibility to identify and exempt such illicit activities from the workplace. Further, the HR professional should investigate the charge and complaint whilst keeping the complainant anonymous.

In contrast, if that is not the occasion, your next step will, of course, be to take the case to an authority that is a step higher. An employee rights attorney should be your go-to after the HR manager does not render the right action to serve you with fairness.

Let us guide you with the proceedings of the state law and offer the best workplace retaliation lawyer to lead you through the complete legal procedure.

Our Steps to Counter the Illicit

Khatib Law believes in retribution. We want the just-world hypothesis to enact in reality, where everyone gets what they deserve. Thereby to make it happen, we follow a few steps to ensure justice.

First, we guide you on each litigation step. Then, we discuss your prospects and the potential risks involved. This way, we understand your perspective while shedding light on what needs to be done. We also update you about the likelihood of success. We include you in every step, let you know the probabilities that could happen, and share every little detail.

So all you have to do is call us for a free consultation and we will appoint the finest workplace retaliation lawyer for you. Hence, you can obtain free legal advice and litigate your employment case with our assistance.

An American Labor Dream

We take the American dream to heart. We have a dream- a dream of justice where labor in the US will get equal, fair, and an equitable treatment in the workplace. Perchance it might not come into occurrence, our guidance, labor rights lawyer, and steady support will make it happen.

Khatib Law is here for each individual to tend to them with gentle consultation and honest outcomes.